AUTO BLEUE, my self-service electric car

What is it?

Auto Bleue is an innovative system that lets you rent a self-service car, quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available by making a reservation online, at the agency or by phone.

With 63 stations and 182 cars throughout the Metropolis Nice Côte d’Azur, Auto Bleue is near your home, your place of work... New Auto Bleue stations will be built soon and you will shortly have access to 70 stations and 210 cars.
Auto Bleue


Auto Bleue makes you more mobile and adds to the existing transportation offer.
Auto Bleue offers you a clean and modern method of transportation: all cars are 100% electric.
You can get where you need to go, on time, at any time of day, without any hassles. A car when you want it. No visits to the mechanic. No special insurance to buy. No parking problems. That’s the concept of car sharing!
Your Auto Bleue is waiting for you, near your home or place of work!

Who is it for?

Auto Bleue is for everyone from families to business people, people with or without cars, people who need a bigger car to move or just a small car to zip around town. All you need is a driving license that is valid in France.
  • For people without their own car but need to use one on a regular basis
  • For people who are thinking about getting a second car
  • For professionals, associations, companies and freelancers who want to have their own clean, reasonably priced and practical transportation without worrying about parking
  • For tourists who want to discover the region
... and everyone else!
  • To pick up a friend at the airport
  • For a business meeting
  • To go shopping
  • To go out for the evening
  • To move a big package
With Auto Bleue, you can book a vehicule that meets your needs, a Peugeot iOn, a Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Partner or a vehicule TPRM.

What is it?

Auto Bleue is a public service operated by a delegate appointed by the Urban Community of Nice Côte d’Azur following a tender. The service is operated by VENAP, a subsidiary of the Veolia Transport and EDF groups.
Auto Bleue offers a means of transportation that preserves the environment by limiting the number of cars on the road, completing the public transportation network, aiding in developing electric cars… Auto Bleue is creating the city of the future.